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Poker Phrases … the History of Poker Short Forms

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Where Poker Comes From

The origin of poker will be the subject of a lot discussion. All claims, and there are a lot of, have been extensively questioned by historians and other professionals the world over. That said, amongst the most credible claims are that poker was devised by the Chinese in around 900AD, possibly deriving from the Chinese comparable of dominos. Another idea is that Poker began in Persia as the game ‘as nas’, which required 5 gamblers and necessary a special deck of 25-cards with 5 suits. To support the Chinese claim there is evidence that, on New Year’s Eve, Nine sixty nine, the Chinese Emperor Mu-Tsung played "domino cards" with his wife. This may possibly have been the earliest version of poker.

Cards have tentatively been dated back to Egypt in the 12th and 13th century and still others claim that the game originated in India as Ganifa, but there is little evidence that is certainly conclusive.

In the U.S. history, the background of poker is a lot much better recognized and recorded. It surfaced in New Orleans, on and around the steamboats that trawled up and down the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. The casino game then spread in various directions across the nation – north, south, east, and west – until it was an established well-liked pastime.

Preferred Poker Terms and Definitions

Ante: a forced bet; each and every gambler places an equal quantity of money or chips into the pot prior to the deal begins. In games exactly where the acting croupier changes every single turn, it is not uncommon for the gamblers to agree that the croupier offers the ante for each player. This simplifies wagering, but causes minor inequities if other gamblers come and go or miss their turn to deal.

Blind or blind bet: a forced wager placed into the pot by one or additional gamblers just before the deal begins, in a way that simulates bets made during play.

Board: (1) set of local community cards in a group card game. (2) The set of face-up cards of a specific gambler within a stud game. (Three) The set of all face-up cards inside a stud game.

Bring In: Open a round of wagering.

Call: match a bet or a raise.Door Card: In a very stud game, a gambler’s 1st face-up card. In Texas Holdem, the door card would be the very first visible card of the flop.Fold: Referred to occasionally as ‘the fold’; appears mostly as a verb meaning to discard one’s hand and forfeit interest in the pot. Folding may be indicated verbally or by discarding cards face-down.High-low break up games are those by which the pot is divided between the player using the greatest traditional hands, superior palm, and the player with the lowest hand. Dwell Wager: posted by a gambler beneath conditions that give the alternative to increase even if no other player raises first.

Dwell Cards: In stud poker games, cards that will enhance a palm that have not been seen among anyone’s upcards. In games such as texas hold em, a gambler’s palm is said to contain "live" cards if matching either of them on the board would give that gambler the lead over his opponent. Usually used to describe a palm that is certainly weak, but not dominated.

Maniac: Lose and aggressive player; usually a gambler who wagers continually and plays several inferior hands. Nut hand: Occasionally referred to as the nuts, may be the strongest possible side in the given situation. The term applies mostly to community card poker games the place the individual holding the strongest possible hands, together with the given board of group cards, has the nut hand.

Rock: really tight player who plays quite few palms and only continues to the pot with strong hands.

Split: Divide the pot amongst two or more gamblers as opposed to awarding it all to a single gambler is recognized as splitting the pot. You’ll find numerous situations through which this occurs, including ties and in the various games of intentional split-pot poker. At times it’s required to further break up pots; commonly in group card high-low split games such as Omaha Holdem, wherever one gambler has the good palm and two or additional gamblers have tied minimal hands.

Three Pair: A Phenomenon of 7 card versions of poker, such as 7 card stud or Texas hold’em, it can be feasible for a gambler to have three pairs, although a gambler can only wager on 2 of them as part of a standard five-card poker hand. This situation may perhaps jokingly be referred to as a player having a hands of three pair.

Underneath the Gun: The wagering position to the direct left of the blinds in Texas holdem or Omaha; act very first around the initially round of betting.

4 Texas Hold em Internet Game Hints

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Texas hold’em Web-based Game Hint #1

Bet With Won Money

It is okay to put a little money into the cosmic texas hold em online casino game itty every single now and then, and if you can afford it, dropping a couple of hundred bucks here and there may not be a issue. However, the greatest holdem web-based casino game gamblers function themselves up from low-limit games, building up their poker bank roll as they go along (and keeping it far, far away from their personal finances–the money they will need to live). If you are not someone having a ton of disposable income, and you wish to bet on high-limit and no limit games, the ideal thought is to operate your way up there through previous wins, not to purchase in with "your" money. This has the built-in benefit of ensuring you are ready for the level of wager on at high-limit and no limit tables.

Texas hold’em On-line Casino game Tip #2

Have a Beneficial Reason To Keep Betting

Far too often I see players throwing money into the pot, round after round, with no clear thought of what they are searching for. If you are wagering in a holdem internet game, you must be betting on something. That some thing might be the credibility you’ve built up with the other players, in case of a bluff, except it must be a thing. That is what betting is all about. You’ve to have the goods to back up your bets, or you lose. Simple as that. And the idea of staying in just to stay in, quite typical with beginning poker gamblers, is often a poor one. (No, your "gut" is not accurate enough at this point to tell you anything. If it tells you to stay in with a JTs, right after you have flopped nothing and your opponent is wagering, tell it to shut up.) Fishing expeditions are a method to throw money away.

Hold em Web-based Game Hint #3

Know The Odds

Sad is the player trying to draw a gutshot straight on the river–the odds are ten and a half to one. Unless there’s a fantastic deal of money in the pot, this really is constantly a bad play. Once you’ve studied a couple of poker books and/or wagered plenty of hands, you will not have to have to think about the odds–they will come naturally, instinctively. Until then, you have to do it the old-fashioned way: counting the amount of outs you have, the amount of unknown cards remaining, and then making the calculations we discussed in the section on advanced odds. This shouldn’t last too long, though–the most prevalent probabilities will soon become familiar to you.

Texas hold em Online Casino game Hint #4

Don’t Sit Down With Large Stacks

When you’ve got the choice of choosing which texas hold’em web game to wager on, try not to sit at one exactly where one or 2 players have enormous stacks. This gives them a wagering advantage over you (it’s also a great indication that they are really skillful), as they can afford to remain in on pots you can’t. Pick table exactly where the stacks are somewhat even, and, if possible, similar in size to your buy-in.

Top Five Holdem Strategies

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Holdem Strategy #1:

Play Your Opponents

The easiest way to eliminate money in hold’em is always to focus on your own cards and forget regarding the other players in the table. A frequent illustration will be holding a thing like 2h-4h and creating your flush around the turn. Of program you bet major, only to see another heart within the river.

Suddenly a flush is not so fantastic, and, if there is a lot more than one person still in, it is really likely they’ve beat your flush. A huge bet and then a call just before you? Difficult as it is, you need to fold.

Your arms are powerful or weak relative to what is about the board, and, thus, what one other gamblers are holding. There exists no objective measure.

Texas hold’em Technique #two:

Keep in mind The Wagers, And Their Timing

You’ll find it very important to maintain track of who bets what for the duration of a hand. This can assist you to generate an educated guess as to who holds what when it comes down to the river. For instance, say there’s 7-8- K-4-3 about the board, and you might be wanting to figure out what your opponent has. Well, if they wager high on the pre-flop and flop, odds are they have great pair or a set. If they began betting around the change or later, they have possibly produced a straight. Of course, fine gamblers know this line of considering, and will use subterfuge to confuse you. You must also take into account position, other bets, etc.

Texas hold em System #three:

Acquire Em Out

Isolation is really a key notion in texas hold’em strategy. This is one of the reasons players like to wager major in opening rounds if they hold high pair or a thing like AK. These hands are a great deal additional powerful with fewer numbers of players staying in. If 5 gamblers remain in, for instance, even though you are holding pocket queens, the odds one of them will produce a directly or a flush is significantly increased than if only one particular person stays in. That’s why, once you receive dealt a powerful opening hand, or have a great flop, you would like to wager massive adequate to chase the drawing players in the hand. If you’re ahead, make them pay to view the flop, turn, and river! (These also increases the frequency of pots given to you, when all other gamblers fold–these speedy wins bolster your stack, preserving you prepared for your major arms in which other players offer you action.) Produce sure you have got the cards to justify this technique, however–if you are tagged as a "loose" gambler, your capability to isolate other players will be enormously diminished.

Texas hold em Technique #4:

Understand Cards Run In Streaks

For what ever reason, it is true. You may be seated using a cold streak, having almost nothing for an hour, and then, all of a sudden, you may receive pocket aces, and then a gutshot directly, and then a good flush, in 3 consecutive hands. You’ll find it referred to as being "on a rush." Momentum is a aspect in texas hold’em poker strategy. Even though this is often a difficult thing to take care of, basically it suggests you needs to be just a little much more conservative if your cards are running cold, and somewhat looser if you are in a hot streak. This doesn’t imply, however, that you must bet recklessly at any time. A lot of players go with a rush only to drop every thing they’ve won by going as well far. What goes up must appear down; generate it an easy descent, not a crash.

Hold em Strategy #5:

Bet Cautious Early

Until you know the gamblers sitting at your table, err within the side of tightness. Only soon after a half-hour or hour (longer, sometimes), will you have seen enough arms to effectively categorize everyone for the table. When you could have, you can open it up just a little, except until every one of the data are in, it’s ideal to sit back and be a little of a rock.

Texas Holdem: How Come it’s So Famous?

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In the event you wager on poker, you possibly wager on Holdem. It’s by far the biggest game in the United States, and the only type of poker that is televised frequently. What makes Texas Hold`em the King of poker games?

In his world famous poker tome "Super/System", legendary poker player Doyle Brunson refers to No-Limit Holdem as "The Cadillac of poker games." Decades before the poker explosion, Brunson predicted that Holdem would outstrip each of the other poker games to turn out to be essentially the most well-liked in the earth. At a time when most individuals about the East Coast have been playing 7 Card Stud, and a excellent several for the West Coast have been betting Lowball, such a prediction seemed uncommonly bold. But like with so a lot of other facets of poker, Doyle was perfect.

One reason Hold’em, particularly the No Limit variety, has come to be so well-liked is the fact that it may be the casino game played in the Primary Event of the Earth Series of Poker, the tournament that determines poker’s Entire world Champion. What poker player doesn’t dream about being known as the poker champion of the world, poker’s finest? Well to receive that title, you’ve to play Texas Holdem. Why did No-Limit Texas Hold em turn into the championship game? At the time of the World Series of Poker’s inception, every one of the best gamblers agreed that it was the casino game that essential the most aggression and skill. With only two cards inside your hand, both concealed, you’ll be able to give the impression that you have several different hands with creative wagering. In the game like Seven Card Stud, in contrast, a gambler’s upcards limit the types of hands he is likely to have. Texas Holdem is also conducive to the No-Limit gambling structure, where by a gambler can wager as much as he likes at any time, including the quite intimidating "All-in" wager wherever a player puts all his chips in the middle. Seven Card Stud is usually played with a Limit structure, and Omaha eight-or-better is usually wagered PL, meaning it is possible to wager up to the amount in the pot at any time, except no more. This No-Limit structure creates for some large pots and thrilling confrontations, which further adds to Texas Hold em’s popularity.

The other major reason that Texas Hold`em is so well-liked now is that it’s virtually the only sort of poker you see on television, and with excellent reason. Seven Card Stud, in which each player can have as quite a few as four cards face up on the table, can be quite tough for a viewer to follow. In Texas Hold em, with 5 cards in the middle for the many players to share, viewers can see what the feasible holdings are in a very snap. Before the advent of hole card cameras which enabled viewers to know what the players’ down cards are, a casino game where most of the cards inside a gambler’s hand are face up in the middle of the table was the only watchable type of poker. Even now, it is eminently additional watchable than a Seven Card Stud tournament, which demands some graphic gymnastics to display to viewers in an interesting way (tune in to several of the Stud events at the World Series of Poker.

With a lot more televised poker and much more massive money tournament events cropping up each of the time, there’s no reason to believe Texas Holdem’s popularity won’t continue to soar. In addition to all that I’ve mentioned above, an additional reason Texas Holdem is so well-liked is that it is lots of fun. So acquire included and locate out for yourself what this Hold`em craze is all about.

Poker Settle … Go Announcement: Betting on Menial Hands is the Same as Scheduling a Reload

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Marginal arms in sit down and go tournaments are fairly merely the death of weak players. Prior to you begin to produce the cash in Sit down and go Tournaments, you will need to know tips on how to fold. Not being able to, is the individual, biggest, crucial mistake that MOST players generate on a consistent foundation. Yes, I wrote MOST players. Actually, their lack of self-control will usually boost you to the money, but you will need self control when it comes to tossing these hands yourself, as your opponents will go down one by one, wagering the really hand that you correctly discarded.

The nature of Sit and go Tournaments brings a number of key elements together that when understood and strategized, can simply develop your poker bankroll by just wagering these fascinating single table tournaments. These components include an impatient gambler’s wish for action, an inexperienced player’s wish to limit his risk, and a semi-pro’s desire to make it to the money.

Whenever you combine these factors with the possible of quickly multiplying your entry fee, predefined structure and betting time, and your superior knowledge of position and hand strength – you’ll regularly have the upper hand at each and every table you sit at. Read that again, please. Imagine that now – you’ll be able to have an edge at just about every sit and go tournament you participate. How can you pass this up?

To attain an acceptable win rate you need to begin identifying fingers that can acquire you into large trouble. By huge difficulty, I mean arms which will either win you a tiny pot, or shed you a major one. Need I remind you right here, that in case you shed a big pot in a fast tournament, your are offficially short stacked and hence, your options will probably be closing fast on you. It is never inmpossible to come back from an early blow, but why put by yourself in that predicatment? You do not must win the tournament in the 1st handful of arms, but it is possible to sure lose it in the initial number of hands.

Right here are a few of those palms I am referring to: Ace, Three suited, King, Jack off suited, Q9 suited, KQs, A9os, and QJs etc. Have you noticed a pattern right here? They all look excellent correct? However, they aren’t the ideal, and that is what can send you to the rail sooner than you like. It’s the delicate handling of greed and impatience that requires your inner strength to overcome and toss these cards a lot more usually than not. If you’re an inexperienced player, you possibly must by no means bet on these until you’re in the money. Marginal hands lead to reload bonuses. Check out my free of cost video slot machines series where these issues are dicussed and you’ll be able to witness them in action, on real tables.

Do Your Beginning Cards Determine If You Play?

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Do your two down cards in Texas holdem figure out whether or not you enter the pot or fold? Should you answered "yes" then that you are still betting at a beginner’s level.

Ahead of the palm begins, you ought to be pondering about no less than five other elements of the game prior to taking a look at your 2 down cards. In other words, your starting up cards are at greatest sixth to the mental checklist that you just should review prior to looking at your cards.

As the cards are dealt you should watch every single gambler and their reaction to the cards they just received. This may be the 1st key step, glance for a tell. From this point on, whether or not in the palm or not, you really should be in search of feasible tells which you can use to your advantage in near future hands.

As players enter the pot you ought to bring their wagering type into the analysis. Is this gambler "tight" or "loose"? Does he/she wager on passively or aggressively? Your capability to "steal" a pot or bluff a player off of a side will depend to a fantastic extent on their playing style. Would you rate your challenger as a strong, average or weak player. Obviously, it’s more challenging to bluff a "loose – aggressive" player off of his palm, especially if that player isn’t a incredibly very good player. Only a far better gambler could have the skills to lay down beneficial starting cards. A weak player will only be thinking about his cards. Thus, placing a value on a players skill stage and betting type will affect how you wager on against him.

Your know-how of your respective opponents wagering pattern will come into wager on as the palm unfolds as a result of the flop, turn and river. This building pool of knowledge ought to have been accumulated from watching all of the previous hands that the various players have bet in. Regardless of whether betting or watching, you really should be anticipating what kind of wager you are able to expect from just about every player to the flop. As an example, does gambler A usually make a continuation wager at the flop if he makes a pre-flop raise? Does gambler B only wager if he catches a piece of the flop or does he only bet if he catches top pair? May be the player a bluffer or non-bluffer, limper or calling station? These are just a little number of the clues about that player’s betting pattern you gain every time he plays a hand.

The fourth aspect of the game that need to be kept in mind ahead of taking a look at your cards may be the chip stack measurement of the gamblers that enter the hand. If the pot is $100, for instance, a half the pot size bet of $50 on a semi-bluff, say 4 cards to a flush, may well backfire somewhat if one of the players only has eighty dollars left. You may possibly well uncover oneself facing an allin bet on just a draw. An 80 to 100 dollars initial wager may well have convinced him of the strength within your side and he might have just folded as opposed to confront you. Or, by being conscious of his chip stack of 80 dollars, you may perhaps select to just check and hope to see a no cost card as opposed to force him into an allin decision. By becoming mindful within your opponents chip stack dimension it is possible to superior control or manipulate the response you want to elicit from your challenger.

And last, but not least, you really should know your position relative to the button. How you bet on towards an aggressive gambler will probably be greatly affected by your placement in opposition to this player. In case you are in the major blind (bb) and pick up pocket jacks and 4 others have limped in, the recommended move is to raise, in spite of this poor location, in order to thin the field and thus, increase your chance of having pocket jacks hold up.

But should you be the big blind and a mid posture tight gambler raises 3 times the huge blind only to be re-raised twice his wager (six major blind bets) by a late place player then your inadequate place only acts to further weaken your jacks. If your stack is only 20 massive blind wagers then you will be betting thirty percent of the stack. You might have to act 1st after the flop and you have garnered no new information. If an A, King, or Q over card hits to the flop what do you do? The jacks were a decent starting up hand except they might now end up costing you your entire stack because of one’s weak beginning position.

So before you seem at your beginning cards receive in the habit of going by way of this 6 step mental checklist. Learn to seem for and keep in mind every single players:

1. Tells

Two. Playing style and skill degree

Three. Wagering pattern

Four. Chip stack size

Five. Posture in the table

Then and only then appear at your:

Six. Starting Cards

Armed with all of this facts, which is gained in bits and pieces from each and every hands dealt, you will be able to superior bet on your starting cards. In fact, you may uncover by yourself picking up pots, much like the top pros , with cards that shouldn’t even have been played if it were not for the expertise gained from doing the 6 step psychological checklist.

The Development of On-line Texas Hold’em Poker

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Poker fever has hit the masses. Television coverage of large money tournaments, like the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker, has generated worldwide interest in the casino game of poker and in Texas hold em in specific.

When the Travel Channel started televising the WPT in March of 03, it rapidly became the highest rated show about the network. That same year, ESPN’s extensive coverage of the World Series of Poker NL Holdem key occasion also received excellent ratings.

Television viewers got to see some thing unique at the ‘03 Wsop key event. Chris Moneymaker, an internet qualifier who earned a spot by succeeding a 39 dollars on-line satellite tournament, outlasted far more than 800 other players and took house two and a half million dollars.

After this well-publicized victory, the internet poker planet was flooded with a sea of Texas hold’em hopefuls. Everybody wanted to get in on the action. The "Moneymaker effect" grabbed hold of just about every individual who had even the remotest interest in Texas hold’em and it brought a whole bunch a folks to the table for the first time. All of the sudden, it seemed as if just about every on-line player thought they were one satellite tournament victory away from being a multi-million dollar poker hero.

Lighting struck twice in 04, when Greg "Fossilman" Raymer, one more online qualifier, took out a field of more than two thousand five hundred poker players to win the 04 World Series of Poker main occasion. His prize was $5 million. His victory confirmed that the sudden and explosive surge of poker fever was a trend, not and an anomaly. The traffic in internet based poker rooms continued to skyrocket. Additional and a lot more pro pokers players started to endorse web based poker websites.

It’s not too tough to realize why online Holdem poker is so appealing to so numerous folks. Poker is often a game it is possible to master with practice. You cannot expect to win a Wsop bracelet overnight. Understanding could be the only way to gain comfort and confidence with yourself, your skills and your particular poker technique.

Web based Hold em is good-time recreation. This is the 21st century and individuals require interactive entertainment delivered straight to their homes. Online Texas Hold em is casino game you possibly can play with persons all over the planet. You run into different sorts of players and pot situations and your experiences support you buildup your skills.

On line Texas holdem is usually a excellent outlet for those who really like competition. Poker is a casino game of perception and for people who thrive on head-to-head contests, there’s no far better battle than a casino game of Hold’em.

Web-based Hold em is booming because the media, the telecommunications industry, savvy entrepreneurs and the general public got together and decided it was time for web gambling to be taken seriously. Television coverage of high-stakes tourneys created casual players salivate at the chance to win millions and poker rapidly became the fastest growing segment of the web gambling industry. Whether your goal would be to practice, win little, or go major, web-based Hold em is an engaging option that may only continue to expand in popularity.


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Whenever you mention gambling houses the initial thought that goes through your mind is poker. Poker is the one of the most well-known casino card games. Mention casino poker and the WSOP jumps proper out. What are the stakes and who are the gamblers of these superior profile casino poker games?

The wsop started in ‘71 and currently it attracts a lot more than 5 thousand gamblers from around the entire world competing for a lot more than US 7 million dollars in prize money. Though it began with only one major event, that being No Limit Hold’em, it has evolved to consist of many a lot more new events more than the years. Holdem, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, and 7 Card Stud are the four most popular forms of poker today. Depending on the rules and the casino game being bet at the gambling den, 2 players will spot money into the "pot" and the casino croupier will shuffle and cut the cards.

The gambling house croupier will then deal every single player in the gambling den poker table their cards face down. After each round of dealing, the gamblers at the gambling den table will place added bets in the "pot" as the gambling establishment croupier hands them additional cards or replace existing cards. Each casino poker game has its own rules. Poker has grown faster than any other gambling establishment game with the introduction of web based gambling house poker websites. With such large amounts of money being bet for in the World Series of Poker it has drawn much more people to online gambling den games.

With a hole card camera, poker is now also a common spectator sport and moving out of gambling dens and into your home with cable broadcast. Gambling dens in your corner of Web will continue to grow as web gambling establishment poker evolves in cyberspace. Consequently, more than the course of time and as the interest in poker continues to skyrocket and expand to distinct parts of the earth, you ought to be on the look out for new gambling establishment poker games!

Poker – Calculating Your Odds

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Whether you happen to be betting poker in the brick and mortar casino or you are betting poker in the comfort of your personal home via poker internet casino provides , you might want being in a position to take advantage of the edge giving to you whenever you recognize tips on how to calculate poker odds. Whilst discovering poker probabilities is usually a complex method, it can be made easier with poker calculation instruments. In truth, whilst playing poker on the net you’ll be able to even generate use of exclusive computer software applications that monitor your casino game play and assist you learn tips on how to calculate poker possibilities.

Poker calculation application is usually free of cost to download and you happen to be even offered free of charge demonstrations on how the computer software performs. The variant of poker that you are betting online matters tiny: you can find poker calculators for each and every style of poker imaginable. Texas hold’em, Heads Up Hold’em, Omaha hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, and versions of 5 card stud are all poker games that can be enhanced with the use of poker calculation software program. Let’s face it: if that you are new to discovering the way to wager on poker, you’ll want to make use of poker calculating application, at least until you acquire a handle on all the rules of the game. As soon as you understand how poker functions, you can then start memorizing all of the odds calculation tactics.

It really is crucial to realize that even avid players of poker rely on poker calculators. Why? Poker odds are a complicated business: not only does the poker player have to possess a total realizing of how to precisely calculate possibilities, but they have to fully grasp what the odds mean. Though a number of men and women love the math involved in poker possibilities calculation, other poker players rather invest their time enjoying the casino game and avoiding all of the math poker calculations entail.

Playing poker online permits poker players, both neophyte and adept gambler, to make use of a few fairly fantastic web based poker wagering methods. Today’s poker calculators make it possible for players to establish playing chances in true time, and a few software applications are so advanced that they’ll provide the gambler with hand ranking data, and the Outs (cards left in the deck which could truly make the latest hand far better than it truly is). Additional, several application makes it possible for a gambler to preset the calculator to settings that indicate the kind of player they are: conservative (much less risky playing) or aggressive (risky wagering). Bear in mind that the much more advanced a poker on-line device is, the much more it will fee. In some cases, the initial investment is much more than worth one’s improvement at the poker on-line.

Internet Poker Room

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Poker is quickly rising to be one of the most popular games in the country. Many of the people who have caught on to the excitement of this fun and compelling casino game are playing in an online poker room. You may wonder as to why these people choose to play on the internet and not having an actual live match with their friends and family. Well, there are many great benefits of playing in a web poker room that you just can not discover anywhere else.

One of these benefits is the many different kinds of poker you will be able to compete in just 1 location. You don’t have to rely on just a standard few games that everyone knows. In an internet pokerroom, there are poker tables for omaha high, texas hold’em, and many other styles of poker for you to pick from. No matter what variation you like, there’s always someone all set to play.

Another attraction of a web poker site is that you can play whenever you want. No need to gather up your poker friends at 3 in the morning if you are in the mood for a couple of hands of cards. Just sign on to your favored online poker room and there are lots of folks to play with. You are able to play day or night, without having to leave the comfort of your home. If you choose to gamble in your pj’s, not one person cares. There is no dress code or closing time at these tables; just people ready to have fun.